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Educational Training Offered: IATSE Local 346


Forklift TrainingForklift Truck Operator Training 2012


The forklift training is being offered by Equipment Depot (www.eqdepot.com) that includes classroom and hands on training required for OSHA compliant forklift certification and operator safety training. Contact Michael Lavin for more information about forklift truck operator training: mlavin@ia346.com




Journeyman's Exam Study Guide


The study guide will help you to be prepared for the Journeyman’s Exam, providing terms and specific operations that you need to know before taking the exam.  Unlike the written multiple choice Apprentice exam, the Journeyman’s exam is a practical and hands on test.


Journeyman's Exam Study Guide



IATSE Class ScheduleIATSE Class Schedule: Coming Soon!


At IATSE Local 346, we are dedicated to enhancing the technical skills of our members to meet the challenges that we encounter in today's event production environment.  The solution to that challenge is to continually educate our members with the newest technologies to continue to maintain a team of skilled professionals. In the next few months, our Local 346 will be announcing new classes to help us achieve these goals.

IATSE Insight: Local to Local


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Behind the Scenes of the San Francisco Opera


This time lapse represents an 8 hour work day in which the stage crew removed a set for The Marriage of Figaro and setup the set for Aida. The carpentry crew handles all the scenery and controls the fly system to bring pipes down to the stage and up into the loft. The electricians handle all the lighting, and make specific lighting adjustments necessary for this show. The props crew lays the ground cloth and dresses the set with any smaller objects that complete the scene. The sound crew handles microphones for recording the show and as well as communication systems between all the departments. The video crew is responsible for all the images you see here. They are all proud members of the stagehand's union: IATSE Local 16 San Francisco!


Note: This video shown here is the property of their respective owners and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws.


Behind the Scenes of the Cinncinnati Opera


This video provides an inside view of the working of Cinncinnati's IATSE Local 5. These people are their unsung heroes, working long hours for the Cinncinnati Opera. This video was produced by Stacy Doose and provided courtesy of Cinncinnati.com.


Note: This video shown here is the property of their respective owners and are protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws.


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